Brumm Brumm  introduces technical processes of silkscreen printing and give people their first step to become an audiences of art performances. It is an art gallery and print studio inside old camper that travels around Iceland and shows illustrations and screen prints that we have been making in the mobile studio.

Silkscreen printing is a classic art form and sometimes painstaking
process that is completes by skilled hands. Each piece is unique and original because it is all done by hands. Our passion for creativity and unique experience led us on journey to approach an art performance in a different way as the mobile printing studio. 

Atli has more than 10 years experience in silkscreen printing. He has been a member of Icelandic Printmaker Association for many years and working as a supervisor past 3 years to take care of the studio and help people who rent the studio.   

Mai moved to Iceland from Japan to study in the fashion department at Iceland University of the Arts in 2009. Since she finished her B.A. in 2012, she had worked at the sewing studio for several years. She loves all kinds of handcrafts and cooking. She has been working on textile especially printing and dying Icelandic wool..